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Scholarship Opportunity For Girls in The Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Local Non-Profit organization Stars That Shine will choose its’ first scholarship recipient for the 2022 Judy Yates-Rideoutt Memorial Scholarship. Girls in the Eastern Panhandle who participate in Stars That Shine programs will be eligible to be selected for a scholarship to help fund their higher education aspirations.

The Judy Yates-Rideoutt Memorial Scholarship is presented in honor of Judy Yates-Rideoutt by her daughter Leslie Rideoutt Summers. This scholarship is to honor the memory of Leslie's mother, Judy, who didn’t have the opportunity to attend college. This scholarship is sponsored by Leslie Rideoutt Summers to provide funding for girls from West Virginia who are enrolled in a trade school or college. The scholarship will be a resource for girls who are in need of a monetary supplement to help achieve educational goals.

Stars That Shine is excited to bring a monetary resource to girls in need in the Eastern Panhandle who are pursuing higher education. In addition to scholarship funding, Stars That Shine is providing girls in their programs with free period products to help reduce financial hardship for students in middle school through college.

“We are inspired by members of the community contributing to our scholarship efforts. Our goal is to continue to provide resources, programs, internships, career opportunities and scholarships to girls who are pursuing their degree or attending a trade school who are involved with the organization. The Judy Yates-Rideoutt Memorial Scholarship is helping girls in the Eastern Panhandle with monetary assistance so that they may continue to pursue their career and education goals. We encourage all girls who are interested to join our programs, volunteer or intern so that you may be eligible to receive the scholarships we offer” says Stars That Shine Founder, Alisha Puller.

About The Organization: Stars That Shine is a nonprofit organization serving Berkeley County, Morgan County and Jefferson County, West Virginia. Stars That Shine is working within our local communities to create programs and opportunities for girls ages 12-20. Stars That Shine offers programs, workshops, education opportunities, internships, scholarship funding, peer support groups and more for girls in the Eastern Panhandle. Learn more about Stars That Shine programs and opportunities at


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