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Stars That Shine WV


Stars That Shine is a non-profit organization serving girls and young women ages 12-20 in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. Our programs and services focus on empowering girls and leading them to a brighter future. Our organization works within our local communities of Berkeley County, West Virginia and Jefferson County, West Virginia to provide programs and services for girls ages 12-20 and

 girls considered at-risk youth. 


Stars That Shine Programs 

Stars That Shine Programs in Berkeley County, West Virginia and Jefferson County, West Virginia are designed to empower girls and young women. We are dedicated to teaching leadership skills, self-confidence, coping skills and communication skills. Our programs are proven to grow peer connections, increase academic performance, show changes in behaviors and coping skills; and improve self-esteem. Stars That Shine programs are offered for middle school students, high school students and college students. Stars That Shine guarantees to be an intricate part of girls in our programs lives. We see them through middle school to college, being a support system every step of the way. 


She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25

Stars That Shine is a faith based non-profit serving West Virginia 

STS Middle School STARS

Stars That Shine provides programs for middle school girls in Berkeley County and Jefferson County. Our middle school STARS attend girl empowerment workshops, receive free tutoring, fun group activities, peer support and much more. Stars That Shine offers after-school programs, weekend programs and summer programs for middle school girls. Our middle school STARS are our youngest participants in Stars That Shine Programs. After just a few weeks, we see major changes in our STARS peer relationships, academic success and behaviors. 

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STS High School STARS

Stars That Shine provides programs for high school girls in Berkeley County, West Virginia and Jefferson County, West Virginia. Our high school STARS attend our "Girl Next Door" Program. Girl Next Door is a Stars That Shine Program that creates a safe space for girls to talk about critical issues they face in high school and their daily lives. We employ skilled program leaders and support counselors to teach the girls in this program the skills and they need for academic success and provide the tools and support they need to overcome peer-pressure, bullying and more.


STS High School Stars participate in programs, fun activities, peer support groups, tutoring, SAT/ACT prep and more!  Our high school STARS build a strong sisterhood with their peers. We see major changes in our STARS  peer relationships, mental health, academic success and behaviors. 

Academic Support, Scholarships, Internships and More For College and Trade School Students

Stars That Shine offers scholarships, internships, academic support, job opportunities and ambassador opportunities for girls in West Virginia enrolled in college or a trade school. 

Become A STAR

STARS are active participants in all programs, workshops and services provided for their age group. STARS participate in fun peer activities and receive daily academic support. STARS have access to mentors and support counselors to help them overcome home, school and life challenges. STARS receive priority consideration for scholarship opportunities, job opportunities within the organization and more. STARS are required to maintain academic success with the support of our Stars That Shine Team, Program Leaders, Tutors and Mentors. 

Join Our STARS 

Stars That Shine 'STAR' Program


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