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We believe that every girl deserves the opportunity to pursue her dreams and build a brighter future, and we are committed to making that a reality for all of our STARS.


Build a network of peers who help them stay on track and offer support.

Receive tutoring, college prep, resume/career building opportunities, internships, and more. 

Participate in group support sessions, fun activities, and receive the support and resources they need in their daily lives.


Our non-profit organization is committed to providing empowerment and education services to girls, with the goal of helping them achieve a brighter future. We firmly believe that every girl deserves the opportunity to reach her full potential, and we are dedicated to making that a reality through our various programs and initiatives. Our programs and services extend from middle school to college. We proudly serve our community with a focus on empowering and educating our youth.

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Girls Served By Program

Girls United PERIOD


After School Programs

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Empowerment Programs

900 Girls
and Families

40 Girls

60 girls

Our Success

Our programs have proven to be highly effective in promoting academic growth, improving peer relationships, and boosting self-esteem among girls. Participants have also shown a greater desire to pursue higher education and future career opportunities. 

Our Girls United PERIOD project is serving schools in the Eastern Panhandle with access to free menstrual hygiene essentials for students. We have served over 900 girls and local families with free period products in addition to over 10 local schools. 

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Join Our STARS

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25

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