Stars That Shine provides programs and experiences that will prepare girls to overcome barriers to become more successful in the future. 


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Promotion & Prevention

Young girls who are considered to be at risk are more likely to develop a negative image of themselves. In this program, girls work on developing a positive self- image by focusing on mental and physical health. This includes engaging in activities like peer groups, intervention sessions, sex education and learning healthy habits. Over time girls will develop more confidence and become more successful in the future.   


Building Self-Esteem is a 6-week program dedicated to providing support, tools, and counseling to middle school girls. This program aims to teach young girls self-acceptance and lasting self-esteem. If you are a young lady in middle school, we invite you to attend our 6-week program every Thursday from 6 pm-7 pm! 

Every Thursday at The Mason Building in Charles Town WV 25414

March 19th-April 30th, 2020


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