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Girls United PERIOD

The Girls United PERIOD project is providing girls and schools in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia with access to FREE Period products and feminine hygiene essentials. 

Stars That provides easy access to free period products and feminine hygiene essentialsthrough local school drop-offs and shipping products for free to our community!

Stars That Shine

Girls United PERIOD

Girls United PERIOD is a Stars That Shine project dedicated to ending period poverty for girls in West Virginia. Our goal is to provide schools, girls, and families with
access to free period products and women’s health education for free. 


We're proud to partner with Procter & Gamble to help #endperiodpoverty

Reading Aloud in Classroom

1 in 5 teens have struggled to afford menstrual hygiene products and 25% have missed school because of the lack of access to products, according to a 2019 survey of 1,000 U.S students by the Period Equity Organization and the company Thinx.

What is Period Poverty? 

Period Poverty can be defined as inadequate access to feminine hygiene products as a result of not being able to afford menstrual cycle essentials monthly. Girls and women across the world suffer from not being able to afford feminine hygiene products monthly. This can result in girls missing school, work, or not being able to participate in everyday activities. Period Poverty is a result of highly-priced and highly taxed feminine hygiene products that are monthly essentials for girls and women's health. Girls from low-income or homeless families are not able to afford these essentials monthly that give them the health, safety, and security they need during their monthly cycle.


Stars That Shine is taking on period poverty in the state of West Virginia where a large percentage of grade school girls are considered low-income or homeless by definition. Our organization aims to give these girls access to free feminine hygiene products. Our mission is to reduce the amount of low-income and homeless girls who miss school monthly or give up on their education because they cannot afford menstrual cycle essentials monthly.   

How Are We Making A Change?

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Stars That Shine is taking on Period Poverty in Jefferson County and Berkeley County, WV. We have made it our mission to make sure girls have the proper menstrual hygiene essentials during their monthly cycle. We host period product pick-ups in our community where families can come and pick up free period products for every girl and woman in their household. We are also donating to teachers, schools, churches, youth groups, and community leaders to end period poverty in our communities!


The Girls United PERIOD Project 



Get Involved 

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Make A Difference

Join us for our Annual Gala for Girls United P.E.R.I.OD! Our Gala is a fun-filled night of networking, raising funds and making a change in our community. 

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The Girls United PERIOD project has been actively providing free menstrual hygiene products to our community through community events and drives. We are now offering families/ individuals in our community as well as students who attend Jefferson County, WV and Berkeley County WV schools who are considered low income, "at-risk" or in need the option to have free menstrual hygiene essentials shipped to their residence. Our goal is to reduce the amount of students who cannot attend school, work and miss essential daily activities do to the lack of menstrual hygiene resources. 


Please fill out the form below and we will be glad to get in touch with you about shipping FREE menstrual hygiene essentials to your place of residence. Please note we ship products out every Monday. 

Please consider the following requirements before you submit for assistance. Requirements: 
-You are a resident of Jefferson County WV or Berkeley County WV 
- You are unable to purchase menstrual hygiene products due to financial hardship or extenuating circumstances.  
All information submitted is kept confidential. We do not share or distribute your information to third-party sources or outside of our program committee who is working to ship essentials to your residence. Your email, address and additional required information will be used for the purposes of providing assistance. 
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