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Imagine being a young girl, with not much direction on where to go and how to overcome adversities.

Stars That Shine is a local organization dedicated to helping girls and young women in West Virginia. Our focus includes helping young girls overcome obstacles and adversities. We aim to reach students from both Berkeley County West Virginia Schools and Jefferson County West Virginia Schools that are considered at-risk and homeless by definition. 

Stars That Shine recognized the need in our community to help girls and young women who are at risk of becoming a part of troubling statistics. Our youth is in need of more support, and we have created effective programs to help them shine brighter.


We know we can make a difference in their lives and help lead them to success. We are dedicated to making a difference. Our goal is to help our girls beat the statistics, overcome adversities and follow their dreams.

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Academic and Career-Enrichment

Promotion and Prevention

Girl Next Door


Stars That Shine provides programs and experiences that will prepare girls to overcome barriers to become more successful in the future. 


Phone: 304-240-1720


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