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Meet Alisha! Stars That Shine WV Founder

Have you ever questioned what your purpose is or what you were put on this earth to do? Many of us have, and it can be a challenge to discover your destiny. But when you do, you find that you are here to do amazing things. As a little girl, Alisha dreamed of finishing college, traveling the world and doing something to change people’s lives. Her dreams turned into her goals and everything she imagined doing as a little girl, she is accomplishing today.

Meet the Founder of Stars That Shine WV, Alisha Puller. Alisha is a native of Jefferson County, WV. After High School, she enrolled in college and received her Bachelors of Art from Shepherd University. This is where she discovered her purpose and began the journey to finding avenues to help lead other young women in her community to success. Alisha has always had a passion for helping others and she decided to turn her passion into an organization that she hopes to inspire her community for years to come. During her field work she discovered how much she loved working with girls who were considered “at risk”. When she discovered the troubling statistics of young women in her community, she decided it was time that someone step in and make a change. She learned that these young women were at risk of drug overdose, pregnancy/childbirth with no support, poverty, limited resources to finishing their education, limited college/career support, lack of opportunity and much more. She believed with more support from their community they could achieve their goals, dream bigger and reach higher. After her field work ended, Alisha began working at a facility for at risk youth. During this time, she transitioned into another career where she had the opportunity to continue her education. She was more motivated than ever to begin helping the youth in her community, but she was still unsure how she could start to make an impact. With hope and determination, Alisha persevered and pursued a Certificate in Family Studies while also receiving a Master’s in Public Administration from American Public University. She is now turning her passion and purpose into helping young girls in Jefferson County, WV overcome their adversities and follow their dreams! She knew that education, support, mentors and resources helped to shape and change her life; and now she aspires to do the same for others.

If you are interested in becoming apart of the Stars That Shine Community, please take a minute to explore our website. One day we want to see you featured on our blog for being apart of the Stars That Shine WV Initiative.

See you next post!

Alisha Puller Stars That Shine WV Founder


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