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Period Poverty: Where Can I Find FREE Menstrual Hygiene Essentials?

Period Poverty is affecting girls and women all over the world. Girls and women are dealing with period poverty in our country, our state and even right within our own communities. The Girls United PERIOD Project is a effort by Stars That Shine to begin taking on Period Poverty for students and families in Jefferson County,WV and Berkeley County,WV. We are actively providing girls considered homeless by definition with access to free menstrual hygiene essentials.

If you are local to Jefferson County and Berkeley County WV, you can pick up FREE menstrual hygiene essentials at Stars That Shine's Feminine Product Giveaway. We are providing families in need in our community with a place to pick up free period products.


Place: Lance Slucher Park -216 N. Mildred Street Ranson, WV 25438

When-:July 25

Time :10am-12pm

Learn more about our effort to take on Period Poverty via

If you are not local to our area but are still in need of resources, please reach out to us and we will do our best to connect you with the proper resources in your area! Contact Us


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