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How is Stars That Shine Helping Girls and Young Women in West Virginia?

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Building Self-Esteem

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Stars That Shine aims to reach young women at early ages giving them tools to build lasting self-esteem. At an impressionable age, self-esteem in young women can lead to decisions in life they may later regret. Low-self esteem from an early age has resulted in young women who grow up with a higher chance of staying in abusive relationships, impulsive decision making, and destructive life choices. Stars That Shine offers programs that will help give these young women the tools needed to build self-love and self-esteem. Stars That Shine WV first promotion and prevention program "Building Self-Esteem" is launching this March 2020! Building Self-Esteem will be a 6-week program helping girls in Jefferson County, WV and Berkeley County, WV to gain confidence, tools, and skills for a better and brighter future. Learn More


Promoting Self-Love

Stars That Shine aims to promote Self-Love in girls and young women. Learning to love your self is one of the most important steps a girl takes as she blossoms into a woman. Discover the things that make you happy, make you smile, and bring you joy. Self-love allows girls and young women to find their passion and purpose. Stars That Shine “Self-Saturday” is a program that aims to teach these positive affirmations to young girls. “Self-Saturday” features guest speakers that leave a lasting impression on girls and young women by telling their story and inspiring girls to love themselves.


Sexual Education/Health Resources

Sex-ed plays a key role in Stars That Shine’s promotion and prevention programs. We aim to teach girls and young women about sexual health so that they can protect themselves and plan their future. We provide young women with resources and educational material to teach them about their bodies, their feminine health, and sexual health.

Our goal is to end PERIOD POVERTY by providing feminine hygiene products to West Virginia schools for homeless, low-income, and at-risk girls.


Mentors and Peers

One of the many amazing things about Stars That Shine Promotion and Prevention programs is that girls and young women gain life-long relationships with mentors and peers. Our programs are designed so that young women begin to have an open and honest conversation with their mentors and peers hoping to spark life-long friendships. We encourage the girls and young women in our programs to uplift each other, check on each other, and grow with each other. We believe supporting peer relationships with girls in our promotion and prevention programs can lead to better experiences in school and at home.


Support and Counseling

Stars That Shine offers support and counseling to girls and young women. Our promotion and prevention programs are supported by a network of women educators, counselors, leaders and more. We aim to offer support and counseling to young girls dealing with bullying, mental health, neglect and more.

Stars That Shine WV Promotion and Prevention Programs are available for youth in our community. We encourage youth participation as well as participation from community leaders, mentors, educators, business owners and more.

*If you do not attend school or live in WV but would still like access to support and your local resources please feel free to contact us!

Jefferson County, WV Schools. Berkeley County, WV Schools. West Virginia Colleges and Universities. Mentor Programs in Jefferson County, West Virginia. Mentor programs in Berkeley County, West Virginia. West Virginia Youth Programs


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