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Stars That Shine 2023 Girl Empowerment Conference

This year, Stars That Shine held there first Girl Empowerment Conference! This was located at Blue Ridge Community and Technical Institute where over 40 girls attended.

During the conference, Stars That Shine had multiple guests who made the day special. The conference consisted of being hosted by Blue Ridge and the Eastern Panhandle Empowerment Center. There were multiple amazing volunteers like a nurse from WVU medical that was able to teach young girls about feminine health, multiple hairdressers that contributed to hair care, and individuals who taught skin care tips. This day was full of self-esteem building, mental health care, and more.

The star of the conference was Hannah the Destroyer. She was the first women in history to bend a hammer. During the conference, Hannah gave an inspirational speech to inspire girls that they have the strength to overcome challenges and that they can accomplish their dreams. Stars That Shine truly thanks everyone who was part of this special day!


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