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PRESS RELEASE: Local Organization Takes On Period Poverty By Providing FREE Period Products To Girls

Stars That Shine is a non-profit organization serving Berkeley County, Morgan County and Jefferson County, West Virginia. Stars That Shine is working within our local communities to create programs and opportunities for girls ages 12-20. Stars That Shine offers programs, workshops, education opportunities, internships, scholarship funding, peer support groups and more for girls in the Eastern Panhandle.

May 23rd-29th is Period Poverty Awareness Week. Stars That Shine is lending a hand to the community through their Girls United PERIOD project, an effort to fight period poverty in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. The Girls United PERIOD project has provided students and families with free period products and menstrual hygiene essentials since 2019. In addition to providing period products to the community, Stars That Shine will be raising awareness for Period Poverty. The organizations Girls United PERIOD campaign will focus on the affects period poverty has on girls’ academic success, extracurricular activities, self-esteem, and peer relationships.

“The lack of accessible and affordable period products for young girls influences their attendance in school which can lead to affects in their academic success. Period Poverty can result in girls resulting to unsafe and unsanitary measures when they cannot afford to incorporate period products into their monthly expenses. Families who struggle financially may find they sacrifice in one area to cover period products for their school age daughter or granddaughter. It may be challenging for girls to visit their school nurse or counselor monthly to ask for period essentials. Our organization wants girls to reach their full potential academically, having the essentials to make them comfortable and healthy is certainly a priority. Our goal is to provide schools, girls and families in the Eastern Panhandle with an unlimited supply of free period products.” Says Stars That Shine Founder, Alisha Puller.

Stars That Shine will host several Period Product Pick-Ups in May for the local community. Students and families can come by and receive a 3-month supply of Free Period Products and Menstrual Hygiene Essentials. Pick-up dates and locations include May 22nd at Lance-Slusher Park in Ranson, WV from 2pm-4pm. May 24th in Downtown Martinsburg, WV 5:30pm-7pm. May 27th in Downtown Martinsburg, WV from 5pm-7pm.

Learn-more about Stars That Shine initiatives, programs and opportunities at


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