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New Stars That Shine Support Program For High School Girls Tackles Bullying and Peer Pressure

Stars That Shine is introducing a new support program for high school girls in Jefferson County, West Virginia and Berkeley County, West Virginia. Girl Next Door” is a Stars That Shine program that provides a safe space for girls to talk about issues they face daily such as: bullying, self- confidence, peer pressure, and much more. The program will consist of activities and workshops that focus on various topics such as stress reduction, conflict resolution, educational goals, healthy self- image, mental health awareness, diversity and inclusion; and leadership skills.

This new support program will take a deep dive into everyday social issues and challenges that teens face. Our goal is to provide tools, resources and support to high school girls who are dealing with the effects of social media influence, bullying, cyber bullying, peer pressure and more. Stars That Shine also hopes to work with local girls considered "at-risk" teens to provide the support they need to cope with past, present and future challenges.

Join Stars That Shine For A Youth Weekend Retreat

At the conclusion of this 16 week program, we invite all participating Jefferson County, West Virginia High School students and Berkeley County West Virginia High School students to join an all inclusive Youth Weekend Retreat! The "Girl Next Door" program retreat will be a fun and relaxing weekend for participants to enjoy fun, workshops and support sessions.

We encourage students and guardians to register for sessions by March 30th. Plus, participants will be eligible for Stars That Shine's Scholarship program applicable in the 2022 Fall Semester.


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