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Period Poverty: Let's Talk Pt2

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Part 2- How Does Period Poverty Affect Girls and Their Future?

Social Activities- What are social activities? Personally I would consider anything a social activity if you are gathered with friends or family; going to the mall, the movies, getting ice cream, or even after school activity. Were there ever a time you weren’t able to participate in a social activity due to not having the proper resources while on your period?

If your answer is no, can you imagine any girl going through that and how she must feel. Myself, I cannot think of a time that has been the reason I was unable to participate in social activities. If you think about it… some girls are missing up to 20% of their school year. When I was in school you had to be present during the day to participate is after school activities. As important as education is to this organization, we also believe social activities are just as important; especially after school activities. Playing a sport or being in after school club is another way a young girls and teens feel important, being a part of something more. They are able to express themselves more and in these settings they are able to develop more relationships with their peers.

So just imagine not being able to participate…..

Let’s Talk!

Join us each Wednesday for a new blog post on Period Poverty and how it is affecting our girls.


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