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Girls United P.E.R.I.O.D!

First we want to say Thank You to our STS community who joined us in wearing RED last week! We greatly appreciate your support and spreading awareness.

I am sure you all have seen the many post over the last few weeks about Period Poverty. What is Period Poverty? Let me explain- it is described as the inability of young menstruators to afford adequate menstrual hygiene products, as well as the associated stigma around menstruation.

That being said, it boils down to young ladies, women, and families not being able to afford the necessities needed for their monthly life of a period.

Imagine not being able to afford pads or tampons and having to resort to other methods. Can you imagine that? Some of you can, because you have lived or are still living in Period Poverty. I can’t imagine it; it is something I personally have taken for granted. Like many I was new to what Period Poverty was but I quickly realized we needed to do something. Stars That Shine was very quick to want to get involved and take the step to start the campaign here in our local community!

Let’s talk! Ask some questions? Ask how to get involved?