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Back To School Tips For Students!

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Student’s are preparing to take on a new school year! However, this year they are facing many challenges as they navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic. Creating an organized, efficient, and healthy study space at home is important for students to thrive during the academic year. Grade school and College students can benefit from productive and positive places to study and learn in their homes. We put together some of our favorite tips for students going back to school- in the clasroom and at home! Most importantly, we hope that students can stay safe, healthy and feel supported during this time.

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Tip 1- Create A Positive and Effective Study Environment

Whether you are returning to school or distance learning at home, having a positive learning environment is essential. If you are a student at home pick a designated space in your home where you are comfortable, focused, and free from frequent distractions. A study desk, kitchen table, kitchen island, backyard, or even your bedroom are all great places to complete your schoolwork from home. More importantly- find a space that works for you!

Tip 2- Take Advantage of Virtual Tutoring

During this time, it is normal to feel uncomfortable with in-person tutoring. Try signing up for virtual tutoring to enhance your learning during the school year. Tutoring isn’t only necessary when you would like to boost your grade. Tutoring is great for staying caught up with schoolwork, getting help studying, and having a deeper understanding of your subjects in school! Virtual Tutoring allows students to get the academic support and help they need right at home!

Tip 3- Stay Connected and Know When To Disconnect

Many students are missing time with friends and may even grow distant from friendships as they try to remain safe amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Take time to catch up with friends during the school week by texting, calling and interacting on social media! Catch up with your friends and share you school year experience on social media with your classmates. It is important to feel heard, express yourself and stay connected with peers whether you are distance learning at home or social distancing at school! Also, remember to take breaks from social media. Social media can be overwhelming! Take time to relax, focus on yourself, and regroup.

Tip 4- Take Time to Organize and Plan

Take time to organize your space at home or at school during the school year. Use a planner or a calendar to keep track of assignments and due dates! Keeping your environment organized can help to reduce stress that may already be present during this time.

Tip 5- Take Care of Your Mental Health and Build Your Self Esteem

It is important for students to have support as they navigate through school. It’s always great to take virtual meetings with a counselor, mentor or trusted adult. Take time for self-care and building your self-esteem. While your grades are important, so are you! Remember to breathe and utilize your resources as you navigate the 2020-2021 school year.

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