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7 Tips for Teen Girls Starting High School

School is right around the corner and there are millions of teen girls starting their freshman year in high school. This will be an exciting time in their life, but there are also worries. A new school, in most cases, and new people can create an environment of nervousness and anxiety. Remember, you are not alone in this transformation to higher level education. This back-to-school list will help any upcoming freshmen that needs some extra tips on how to prepare and survive high school!

1. Do Not Cave Into The Drama

High school drama is not worth the worry and anxiety over thinking about. Save the drama for reality tv shows. If mean girls are causing trouble, simply ignore them and go on with your day as they are not worth the time. Most of the drama that goes on in high school will NOT matter when graduation comes around. Don’t waste an amazing high school experience worrying about gossip and being the “cool girl!”

2. Attend Orientation

If your high school has a freshman orientation, you should 100% attend. This will give you the incite of what the school looks like, where your classes are, and a chance to meet fellow students. When that first day of school roles around, you won’t be worried about making it to class on time and not knowing where the bathrooms are located.

3. Ask Teachers For Help

Teachers are there to answer your questions and provide help when you need it. They do not want to see you fail! Do not be afraid to ask questions as fellow students will likely have the same ones. Teachers will also make time for you after school hours if you ask, chances are they will love to see the extra work you are putting in for the class and benefit from it.

4. Join Extracurricular Activities

This is an amazing way to make friends, gain talents, and getting involved with the school! You will also benefit with great skills like time management, leadership, and social development. Some activities you might try could lead you into greater success in the future. It is also a great way to have fun!

5. Do NOT Skip Class

Some students might try to persuade you to skip class because they think its cool, but do NOT listen to them! Skipping class can cause habits that will hurt you in the future like laziness, poor time management, and can lead to anxiety from worrying about what you missed. Some high schools also record your absences and could put them on your college transcript!

6. Finish Your Homework

Most students are not excited when they get home and realize they have homework to do. Teachers do not hand out homework to make you miserable as there is a benefit behind it. If you do your homework, you will outperform 68% of your fellow students! This is because when you do your homework, you are going over all the information that was taught in class and it sticks to your brain. Then, when test time comes around, you can spend less time studying and worrying because you already know the information.

7. Challenge Yourself

High school is a time to learn as many skills and subjects as possible to lead you into picking the major that fits for you in college or for a job that interests you. In the long run, this will give you less stress when picking subjects because you have an idea of what you like and don’t like. Challenging yourself will also give you skills like learning how to work through difficult problems, taking college level courses for preparation, and mental stimulation.

How Stars That Shine Can Help!

Now that we have gone over some helpful tips for new high schoolers, let's discuss some ways teen girls can benefit with Stars That Shine when school starts! Stars That Shine will be hosting after school programs for high schoolers AND middle schoolers in the Jefferson and Berkeley County, West Virginia area. Join us for free after school tutoring, workshops, and fun group activities! We also have a team of mentors and program leaders for any teen girl who needs them. Below is a link for more information!

Information for Programs and Outreach:



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